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Virginia Air Conditioning Maintenance Services: What You Need To Know

Air conditioners need to be maintained regularly. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, it can cause expensive and dangerous problems with your air conditioner unit and other parts of your home or building.

The air conditioner’s coils and surfaces will accumulate dirt over time, reducing its efficiency and speeding up its breakdown. Furthermore, a broken AC unit that isn’t maintained can emit harmful gases into your home or office space, such as carbon monoxide. This article aims to show you what maintenance services are needed for your AC unit so you can know how to keep it running smoothly!

It’s Important To Have A Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is essential whether your system is used for commercial or residential purposes. Regular maintenance visits (depending on the unit type) are necessary for keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. As part of your maintenance plan, you may inspect vents, change refrigerant oil, replace individual components like air filters, or replace an entire condenser coil.

It would help if you had a maintenance plan for your system. This makes the work last longer since it takes a shorter time to complete. Every year when you turn 18, you should do this.

Things included in Virginia Air conditioning services

A licensed HVAC technician should inspect and clean your heating or cooling system thoroughly, including:

Temperature control –

It is essential that the technician calibrates your thermostat and ensures it is properly installed, away from all heat sources, including light bulbs and thermostats.

Connecting/Tightening Electrical Connections –

To ensure that electrical connections are operating safely, technicians inspect them. Electrical connections should be checked and tightened to detect potential electrical hazards and to extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Make sure moving parts are lubricated –

This prevents friction from damaging moving parts. When parts of a system are not lubricated, they break down more quickly, which means they need to be repaired or replaced more frequently.

Check and clean the condensate drain line –

Ensure that your air conditioner can drain liquid condensate properly by clearing its condensate line. Your drain line can become clogged and cause water leaks and other problems relating to moisture and wetness.

Mould and bacteria around your drain line can also be removed with condensate drain cleaning. Additionally, your technician can repair or replace leaky condensate drain lines and check for cracks.

Verify the system controls –

By doing so, your HVAC system will be able to cycle correctly and operate safely. The best way to ensure that your system is starting, running, and shutting down properly is to check that it is functioning correctly.

Air Filter Change –

Doing this ensures that your current air filter works and is clean. You can upgrade your filter if your air conditioning contractor recommends a better air filter or air filtration system.

Final Verdict

Suppose you require reliable Virginia air conditioning maintenance services. In that case, many professionals have provided excellent customer service, whether it’s a new installation, routine service call, emergency repair, or replacement parts.

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