What's Included in Our Heat Pump Maintenance Service

A neglected heat pump will break down at the most inconvenient time of the year, in the depths of winter. It is the last thing you want with the holidays approaching, especially since winter is one of the year’s busiest days for HVAC technicians. Preventive HVAC maintenance is the best solution for the longevity, efficiency, and dependability of a heat pump. By understanding what a technician does throughout a heat pump service, you can rest assured that you will be less likely to have an HVAC emergency during the coming cold months.
Preventative maintenance will help your heat pump last longer and work more efficiently. Our team at sultancomfortsolutions is ready to assist you with any heat pump installation, repair, or maintenance job.
Our licensed technician will inspect and clean heat pumps to ensure that they are in good working order.

Our experts will go through each element of for you.

  • A blower
  • An Indoor coil
  • Coolant levels
  • Electric terminals
  • Connections and wiring
  • Motors maintenance
  • Belts checking
All moving parts will be lubricated, the filter will be replaced, and the air ducts will be inspected. Clearing any nearby debris or vegetation from your outdoor condenser unit is recommended. To keep your system from overworking, you want it to have unrestricted airflow.

Advantages of Heat Pump Maintenance

units are designed to operate on either a high or low setting. If your air conditioner’s temperature is set to maximum, the compressor will rapidly distribute coolant thru the set of coils. It enables two-stage air conditioners to remove heat and humidity from your home’s air efficiently.

Efficient energy use

Heat pumps that are well-maintained use up to 25% less energy than those that aren’t.

Operating expenses are reduced.

Minor problems that could switch into costly repairs are addressed and prevented by maintenance services.

Extend the life of the heat pump

Time is money so that you will save it.

Heat pump maintenance, which necessitates diagnostics and locating replacement parts, takes longer than routine maintenance tasks. Our maintenance will save you from it with expert service.

What Should You Expect During Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance?

When an HVAC expert performs heat pump maintenance, they will look for the following things:

A heat pump's immediate surroundings

Debris must be removed from the area surrounding the unit.


The temperature on the thermostat should be accurate. Its settings should make you as comfortable as possible while also conserving energy.

Capacitors, relays, and contactors

Securing the system with tight connections ensures its safety and extends its lifespan. The technician will also examine the heat pump’s energy usage and capacitors to verify that it is running at peak efficiency. Electrical hazards and motor and combustor failures are possible if the unit is not maintained correctly.

Test time delay and unit disconnect switches

Blowing fuses and electrical hazards can be avoided with an excellent disconnect switch and test time delay.


Friction, resistance, and energy losses are all reduced by adequate lubrication.

Condensate drain and pan

Any obstructions in the drain should be removed. There should be no cracks or leaks in the condensate pan.

Controls for starting, stopping, and other operations

The technician will double-check that the heat pump turns on and off correctly and that the unit’s other controls work correctly. The expert will notice strange sounds and vibrations as the heat pump powers up, runs, and shuts down.

Air filter

Filters that are dirty waste energy and wear out compressors prematurely. The technician may need to replace the filter if it becomes necessary.

Blower motor and wheel

Blower wheels and dirty motors obstruct airflow, wasting energy and potentially damaging the compressor. A technician will check that the motor draws the correct amount of current.

Belts, pulleys, and other components alignment

Misaligned components will eventually necessitate expensive repairs.


The unit will not function if the protection panels are not installed. The technician will also examine the heat pump’s additional safety features.

Temperatures in coils

If temperatures vary across a coil, this could indicate production or capacity problems.

Condenser coil and fan

To avoid problems with the refrigerant pressure, the specialist will sweep the condenser coil. The specialist will also look for vibrations in the fan and the motor’s continuity and amp draw.

Crankcase heaters

Crankcase heaters that aren’t working can cause damage to the compressor.

Reversing valves

Reversing valves that are in good working order saves energy.


A functioning defrosts timer prevents heat loss and compressor damage.

Measuring device for refrigeration

A heat pump’s efficiency, life, and cooling capacity are all hampered by clogged or malfunctioning metering devices. The specialist will also check that the refrigerant is charged correctly.

Amp draws of the compressor

The heat pump’s compressor and other parts should use adequate power.
The HVAC technician will go over the findings of the inspection and the changes he made after the preventive maintenance service. You might get recommendations for improvements or repairs based on the findings.
Now seems to be an excellent time to arrange preventive Heating and cooling maintenance with sultancomfortsolutions. Our experts' services will ensure that your solution is in good working order throughout the winter months, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you. Make a reservation right now by calling us at 202-999-7851.