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How to Repair an Air Conditioner That’s Not Working

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Surviving summer without an air conditioner can be quite challenging. But it doesn’t mean that you should live with your malfunctioning air conditioner. There are few things that you can try to proceed with fixing the air conditioner on your own. From this article, we will be sharing few useful tips on how to do it.

– Air conditioner not cooling your house

If your air conditioner is not cooling your house properly, you should first take a look at the thermostat setting. This is where you should check and see whether the thermostat is configured properly or not. If you have set the temperature too high, the air conditioner will not cool your house properly.

Another reason on why the air conditioner doesn’t cool your house is due to a dirty air filter. If this is the problem, you will have to experience short cycling, where the air conditioner will turn on and turn off in short bursts. This will lead you to high energy bills as well. This is why you should regularly clean the air filter of your air conditioner.

You should also take a look at the vents and see if they are blocked. If the vents are blocked, they will reduce the flow of cold air into your living space. Hence, you can check and see if the vents have accumulated dust or not.

– Air conditioner fan is not working

There is a condenser located inside the fan motor of your air conditioner. This condenser is the culprit behind most air conditioner fan problems that you have to deal with. That’s because the fan continues to work hard while your air conditioner is turned on. Regular maintenance is one of the effective methods available for you to overcome this problem. Make sure that you also take efforts to reduce dust and dirt around the system as well.

Another reason on why the air conditioner fan doesn’t work can be due to a problem with the capacitor. The capacitor is responsible for sending energy to fan motor. If the capacitor falls, the fan of your air conditioner would come to a grinding halt. You will be able to notice it through a humming sound that comes out of the air conditioner. However, these problems cannot be fixed by your own. This is why you should work with a reputed AC repair technician.

– Air conditioner making noise

Your air conditioner is supposed to work silently. But if it is making noises, you should check and see what the problem is. It can be due to an electrical issue. Make sure that you keep the air conditioner turned off, so that you can prevent any further damage from happening to it.

Final words

If it is possible for you to fix the air conditioner without breaking it, you may attempt. Otherwise, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a reliable air conditioner repair technician and get the job done.

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