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A complex plumbing system connects all of the drains in your home. When one area of your home becomes clogged, it can affect the entire structure. A drain clog can be caused by various materials, including grease, hair, or tree roots.

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Fortunately, our fully qualified and licensed plumbers can use advanced, cutting-edge equipment to detect and immediately remove the unnecessary particles cluttering up your plumbing system. Sultancomfortsolutions offers drain clearing services to residents in Northern Virginia. To receive assistance, please call 202-999-7851 or make an appointment online.

Items You Should Never Put Down Your Kitchen Drain

Egg Shells

When you put eggshells down a drain, the sewage system grinds them up into small bits, which get stuck in grease, fat, and other oily substances, resulting in a thick mess that can easily clog your pipes.

Oils, fats, and grease

These three ingredients are combined because they appear to be the trifecta of kitchen plumbing issues. These substances are responsible for more than 47 percent of all sewer overflows in the United States. Although these three are the most commonly used in the kitchen, they produce small globs coat your pipes.
It will cause a blockage in your pipes and limit water flow. If you have a blocked-up sink in your house, please contact our team at 202-999-7851. Our certified plumbers provide dependable drain cleaning services that are completed quickly.

Paper Towels and Cotton Balls

Paper towels and cotton balls are compostable. It does not imply that they will dissolve instantly. They’re designed to be absorbent, making them the ideal culprit for clogging pipes.

Household Fluids

Household fluids include household cleaners and automobile fluids. While these chemicals do not necessarily cause clogs in your pipelines, they can be harmful when mixed into the water supply. They will get into the water if you wash them down the drain.

Coffee Grounds

Most people believe that coffee grounds are too small to remain in their pipes, but this is not true. According to most plumbers, coffee grounds are one of the most likely causes of a clog in your kitchen pipelines. Give our emergency plumbers a call at 202-999-7851 to get help restoring the flow of water in your kitchen. We provide dependable and safe drain clearing services.

Power Rodding Services

When water is introduced into the pipe, the high-speed cutting tool shreds the obstructive material into tiny fragments that are easily flushed away. Power rodding and drain cleaning services are offered by sultancomfortsolutions to homeowners in Northern Virginia. To receive help with your problem, don’t hesitate to contact our team.
A power rodding system is a flexible metal cable that threads into drain systems and around curves and joints and is developed as an alternative to draining snakes. The line is rotated by an electric motor, which causes a sharp cleaning head to spin quickly. This action removes the obstruction from the pipe, shears off any protrusions such as tree roots, and removes years of sludge build-up.

Hydro Jetting Services

This technology, the latest revolution in drain cleaning, blasts away pipe clogs, decimates sludge accumulation, and even slices and dices infiltrating tree roots with high-pressure water jets. A thin, high-pressure line capped with a nozzle disperses multiple water jets in all directions with hydro jetting equipment.
The water pressure — anywhere from 3,500 to 4,500 psi — is high enough to blast away the major blockage and cut tree roots, reduce them to small fragments, and scour the pipe walls of sludge and grease build-up.

Plumbing Repair & Install Services in the Areas of Northern Virginia

Sultancomfortsolutions is the industry's leading drain clearing and sewer line repair company, cleaning more drains and conducting more sewer line repairs than anyone else. Sultancomfortsolutions can assist with any clogged drain or sewer cleaning problem. Our emergency plumbers can also help with gas line repair, sump pump installation, water heater maintenance, and other services. We will service homes in Northern Virginia with drain cleaning and plumbing services. Our team is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.