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Furnaces and other heating systems are at the core of every household, keeping us warm and comfortable all winter. When your domestic heating system malfunctions or stops working, your family’s safety and comfort are compromised. We offer emergency Heating system repair and tune-up services in Northern Virginia at You have the same low rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to our unique 24/7 service.

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All Emergency Electric and Gas Furnace Repair Calls Come with Upfront Pricing

Your ultimate comfort is crucial to us at That is why we provide upfront pricing on all emergency electric and gas furnace repair service calls. We give you an upfront quote that is valid and binding after we diagnose the problem for a one-time diagnostic fee. It means we will never raise prices on you.

Issues with Electric Heating systems That You Should Know About

Electric heating systems have a 20- to 30-year lifespan, making them excellent for home heating. A minor heating system repair may be all that is required to get it back up and running. The following are a few possible causes for your electric furnace to malfunction:

Dirty Filter

Dust and debris can clog a heating system filter if it hasn’t been changed in a while, causing blower fan problems. Our local heating and cooling contractors provide emergency heating system repair and tune-up services to Virginia residents to help with various issues.

Fuses that are not working

A heating system may not run if the fuses are not correctly installed or matched to the capacity of the furnace. Heating systems that have accumulated dirt due to a lack of clean-up may also require repair.

Ineffective Blower

When a blower is sabotaged, it can work too hard, draw too much power, and blow a fuse. The blower might need to be changed if this is the case. Call us at 202-999-7851 if you need a component replaced in your furnace.

Loose Wiring

Loose Wire Furnaces vibrate as they blow air all through your houses. This vibration can cause wires to loosen, causing a short.

Problems with Gas Heating systems

Gas heating systems are a cost-effective way to heat a home. Homeowners can expect their gas heating system to last between 15-and 20 years with only minor issues if adequately maintained. There could be a few causes why your gas heating system isn’t working correctly:

Problems with the Gas Line

If your gas heating system is on but not producing heat, the problem could be with the gas line. Check if the pilot is lit and the gas supplier is turned on. Schedule a gas heating system repair consultation with us if both appear to be on and in working condition, but the heat is still not working.

Gas Control Valve Fault

Gas control valves can fail to function correctly over time. It is a serious safety issue that should be addressed by a professional. If you suspect a problem with the gas control valve or the gas line, contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible. We provide gas heating system repair, tune-up, and installation services in Virginia.

Electric Heating systems Have a Lot of Advantages

Electric Heaters Are Dependable

Due to their simple design, electrical Heating systems are recognized to be more dependable than gas heating systems. To produce warm air, this heating system uses a set of electrical heating elements. Circuit breakers are generally installed on the heating system cabinet’s inner surface or outdoor space to power each heating element.

Electric Systems Are Less Expensive to Buy

Because of its low initial cost, an electric heating system is a popular choice among many homeowners. While electric heating systems are less expensive to buy, they are more costly to run because electricity is not as cheap as natural gas. However, when compared to installing a gas furnace, the total cost of installing an electric heating system is usually less.

AFUE Ratings Are Higher

Compared to gas heating systems, most electric heating systems will have a higher annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. An electric furnace can have an AFUE rating of 100 percent, whereas a standard gas heating system can only achieve a 97 percent AFUE rating.

Advantages of Gas Heating systems

Gas That Is Both Clean & Affordable

Natural gas is less expensive than electricity. Investing in a gas furnace will help you save money on your electricity bills regularly. Furthermore, when compared to burning natural gas, the fossil fuels used to generate electricity are more harmful to the environment. Purchase a gas furnace to save money and help the environment.

Heats Up Quickly & Evenly

We suggest investing in a gas heating system repair or a new system if you live in a cold climate because this type of heating system is crafted to provide warmth to your home faster than a standard electric heating system. It is because the combustion area of a gas furnace can reach higher temperatures than the heat produced by an electric heating system using an electrical resistance operating procedure.

Fuel Is Always Available

The most prevalent heating system in the United States is the gas heating system. It is particularly true in homes with natural gas supply lines that provide an unrestricted gas supply.

Northern Virginia Heating Repair Services Are Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Whether you need gas furnace repair or electric heating system repair, our team can help! Our expert Cooling and heating technicians are experienced in gas and electric heating system repair and maintenance so that you can entrust us with your home heating emergencies. Air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, and indoor air quality services are among the other HVAC services we provide. Stay warm this winter by calling sultancomfortsolutions.