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AC Maintenance: Everything You Should Know

An AC should be maintained perfectly and timely to work fine and efficiently. Maintaining an AC improves it’s life and ACs works longer. When proper maintenance is neglected, the air conditioner’s working will gradually increase while energy consumption rise.

For AC to remain functional, constant maintenance is necessary. After a few months, you might notice that your AC’s essential parts aren’t working as well as they once did. If you ignore that part, it might stop working and cause a serious issue with your AC. As a result, timely AC system maintenance is required.

Tips for maintaining an AC:

  • Change your filter

Changing your filter once a month is the simplest and most efficient way to keep your AC working smoothly. You will get many advantages on your system by changing your filter regularly. Your air conditioner has to work much harder to operate with a filthy or clogged filter than one that is clean. It’s easy on your wallet and your system to change your filters regularly. Your utility costs will be down, and your AC’s lifespan will be increased.

  • Take care to keep your coils clean.

Cleaning your home will help your air conditioner function more perfectly. Your unit’s outside AC coils and fins must be clear of debris and clean. Around your unit, leaves and other debris can occasionally accumulate. Your device must work more than necessary to function when there are impediments. May clean your unit with a broom and a regular garden hose. You should not use a pressure washer, it can damage your AC.

  • Ensure about your dryer vent is not placed in the direction of your AC

Lint from your dryer exhaust can seriously damage your appliance. Lint won’t enter the air conditioner vents by just angling your dryer vent in a different direction.

  • Reduce the heat

Set your thermostat higher for the absence, if you are gone for long time. This increases your machine’s lifespan and decreases the time it must operate daily. You can pre-program certain newer thermostats to match your schedule so that your house is still cool when you get there.

  • Check your ductwork for gaps, then fill them.

Make sure to open all doors and windows are properly for cooling. To ensure your ductwork is properly sealed, visually inspect it frequently.

Cool air will escape if the ductwork is improperly sealed. Your unit works less hard the less cool air exits your house.

  • Schedule a maintenance visit with an HVAC expert once a year

A standard tune-up will consist of several tests to ensure your unit’s internal components are functioning properly. A skilled HVAC technician can identify the majority of issues before they worsen. Additionally, your expert will probably thoroughly clean your unit’s drain, interior, and outside.


The maintainance of an AC is one of the most challenging tasks. An AC required cleaning and maintainance on particular time period. This article will help you if you want to know some AC maintenance tips.

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